10 Tantalizing Apple Facts

Apples are healthy and perfect for cooking and storing.

You’ve probably heard that eating apples are good for you but do you know these apple facts that will tempt even the most standoffish of fruit lovers. Apples Are Great for Eating, Cooking and Storing Whether red, gold, or green, apples are are eaten by the millions each day. They are considered a smart food… 

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Set Life Goals for a Lifetime of Success

Success - featured - Dial M for Moms

Success is different for each person. For one losing those “hard to shed” pounds might bring a sense of accomplishment, while another might be grateful to have achieved their fitness goals. But whatever you decide is “success” for you, don’t be fooled that just because you crossed the finish line, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set… 

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Inspirational Music to Help You Get Fit

Woman running listening to music - Featured - Dial M for Moms

Are you facing another workout feeling less than stellar? Do you need to be inspired? You know, something to help you pick up your feet so you can get fit and lose weight? Something that you can turn to when your spirits lag? Something that keeps you positively motivated? Then it’s high time you get yourself some inspirational music… 

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