My Favorite Recipes with Apples

My Favorite Apple Recipes - A is for Apples - Dial M for Moms

Beginning of school, end of summer, and Labor Day signal one of my favorite times of the year: apple picking time. When else can you roam up and down the lush rows of brightly colored apple trees and pick one of the finest fruits by hand? And the taste of a fresh picked apple? Heavenly!… 

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Tips to Avoid Back to School Blues

First Day of School

For many students school has already begun, for others, the anticipation of going back to school is just around the corner. Either way, one thing is for certain: managing each day falls upon moms and dads all over the world. So how do you handle back to school? Facing Back to School Positively Believe it… 

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Kid-Friendly Lunch Boxes and Bags

Kid-Friendly Lunch Boxes and Bags - Dial M for Moms

With the emphasis on healthy eating, isn’t it any wonder why parents are seeking out kid-friendly lunch boxes and bags. It is, afterall, a great way to control what your child eats while at the same time a way to make their lunchtime one to remember. So check out these handy tips to help you… 

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What to Take to College Checklist for Freshmen

main buildings of university

Dear Freshman: You finally received your acceptance and now you’re probably wondering what should you bring to your new dorm. It’s easier than you think thanks to a handy college checklist for freshmen and by completing these five very important tasks. First things first, one of the most important things to getting ready for college is to be prepared, not scared…. 

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Inspirational Music to Help You Get Fit

Inspirational Music to Help You Get Fit - Dial M for Moms

Are you facing another workout feeling less than stellar? Do you need to be inspired? You know, something to help you pick up your feet so you can get fit and lose weight? Something that you can turn to when your spirits lag? Something that keeps you positively motivated? Then it’s high time you get yourself some inspirational music… 

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